mix [miks]
[prob. back-form. < mixt, mixed, taken as pp. < Fr mixte < L mixtus, pp. of miscere, to mix (> OE miscian) < IE base * meik- > Gr meignynai, Welsh mysgu, to mix]
1. to put or blend together in a single mass, collection, or compound
2. to make by putting ingredients together [to mix a cake]
3. to join; combine [to mix work and play]
4. to cause to join or associate [to mix the boys with the girls in a school]
5. to hybridize
6. to combine or blend electronically (the various sounds of a recording or live performance) on (a tape, record, etc.)
1. to be mixed or capable of being mixed; be blended; mingle
2. to associate or get along [to mix with other people]
3. to hybridize
1. a mixing or being mixed
2. a muddle; state of confusion
a) a product of mixing; mixture [cement mix]
b) a commercial mixture of ingredients for preparing a food, usually by adding liquid [cake mix]
4. MIXER (sense 3)
5. the blend or combination of sounds in a recording or live performance
6. Informal a mixture of dissimilar components, elements, parts, ideas, etc.
mix up
1. to mix thoroughly; mingle together
2. to confuse; specif.,
a) to cause confusion in
b) to mistake for another (with with)
3. to involve or implicate (in some matter): usually used in the passive
mix it up
Slang to fight with or as with the fists
SYN.- MIX implies a combining of things so that the resulting substance is uniform in composition, whether or not the separate elements can be distinguished [to mix paints ]; MINGLE usually implies that the separate elements can be distinguished [mingled feelings of joy and sorrow ]; BLEND implies a mixing of different varieties to produce a desired quality [a blended tea, whiskey, etc. ] or the mingling of different elements to form a harmonious whole [a novel blending fact and fiction ]; MERGE stresses the loss of distinction of elements by combination or may suggest the total absorption of one thing in another [the companies merged to form a large corporation ]; COALESCE implies a union or growing together of things into a single body or mass [the factions coalesced into a party of opposition ]; FUSE1 means to unite by melting together and stresses the indissoluble nature of the union

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